list of foldit proteins?

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i am new to foldit. how can i search the list of all the proteins that have already been worked on? all i can find is either a google search, or a massive list


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Unfortunately, we do not have an easily-searchable list of proteins that have been used for Foldit puzzles—just the Puzzles section of the website. If you have a specific query, then you can ask here and someone can probably help you out!

Were you interested in searching for protein names, or their FASTA sequences? A lot of proteins in Foldit don't have well-annotated names (either they are uncharacterized ORFs from genome sequencing data, or they are newly designed proteins).

LociOiling Lv 1

The wiki has some information on Foldit proteins, but it's by no means complete.

See solved Foldit designs for the short list of proteins designed by Foldit players that have been experimentally solved and published.

See revisiting puzzle master list for a series of puzzles from the early days of the game. The same series of puzzles gets repeated every couple of years. The page for each revisiting puzzle identifies the sequence and gives at least a partial list of PDB hits.

The wiki also has some classics like the Mason-Pfizer Monkey Virus, a big deal back in the day.

There have been lots of de-novo puzzles involving unsolved sequences. Some of them have been wild proteins, some appear to have been designed. Three of the four solved Foldit designs appeared as de-novo puzzles, for example. Right now we haven't looked back to see how many of the de-novo proteins have been solved and published. Might be a fun project, but it will take a while.

Many of the design puzzles are 100% from scratch, so it's hard to characterize the results unless a design gets solved and published. The "binder" design puzzles target a specific protein, but there's not a single list of all the targets. The targets often appear in modified form, as seen in the current IL-7R puzzle, so it can be a little difficult to match them to a PDB entry.