How to make a alpha helix

Started by polyhedron

polyhedron Lv 1

I'm asking, if I find some region can be an alpha helix, is there any easy way to let there fold into an alpha helix? I'm not meaning how to set a region looking as a helix. Thanks!

polyhedron Lv 1


your answer is exactly what I'm not asking…

I'm asking, if I feel some region could be folded as a helix, but it's not (in my opinion) correctly folded, is there any simple way to let it curl in the helix shape?

gringer Lv 1

Or rebuild when there's a region you want to add to an existing helix, and you don't want to affect the bit of the helix that is already there.

xiando Lv 1

Polyhedron…. I somehow read your question as saying exactly the opposite, that you *didn't want to know how to perform the operation….I don't know why, maybe the wording, maybe I was tired, but in any case, please accept my apology.

Both Firejuggler and gringer's answers are exactly what I would ahve suggested if I'd had my head on straight!

Nina Lv 1

oh dear, xiando, that was a huge mistake indeed… good thing you apologized so gracefully :P