How To Disable IRC?

Started by Puttering

Puttering Lv 1

New here. Is there a way to turn off all chat options? I don't use IRC; don't want to, at this point, and don't want an IRC address in my profile.

Also, is there a way to stop displaying the little chat windows in the game? Not to just show only the header, but not have them on the screen at all? For me, they're really annoying, and I'd much rather have the screen space.

I'm using a desktop PC with Windows.

Hope I didn't duplicate another thread, but the forum page didn't show any sort of forum search, so I couldn't check.

Thanks in advance :)

AsDawnBreaks Lv 1

No way to turn off the windows that I know of. Nothing about IRC shows up in your public profile (the only thing you see yourself is the password for if you were using external IRC).

spmm Lv 1

If you open a second client and use that then they don't flash red on the edge of your vision. Chat only works in the first client you open, so you can minimise the one with the live chat. Also there are the options to not have it open automatically but you have probably found them already.

xiando Lv 1

Well, you *could block access to TCP ports 6660-6669 and 7000, which are, afaik, the standard TCP ports used for IRC transactions.

HOWEVER… I don't know how that would affect the actual game, so please don't rush off and do it until you get some feedback from the devs that confirms the ports they use for IRC, and that blocking them would *not cause a failure of the foldit application…

jeff101 Lv 1

If you click on "Menu" and then click on "General Options", a menu appears where you can check "Show advanced GUI" and "Disable non-group chat". It looks like checking "Disable non-group chat" will do just that the next time you restart Foldit. If you check "Show advanced GUI", click "Done", and then click on "View", it brings up a menu with many view options. In the lower left is one called "Hide GUI". Checking this box will hide the Chat Windows.

Below are images of the "General Options" and "View" menus:

jeff101 Lv 1

My previous post had images from the Original Interface. You can click on tho images there to see more details.

In the Selection Interface (shown in image below, click on it for more details), you can hide the Chat Windows in a similar manner. This time, if the screen doesn't look as below, click the green "foldit" box. Then click the orange "Main" box and after that click on "General Options" to get the menu shown on the right above. There you can check "Disable non-group chat" or "Show advanced GUI". If you check "Show advanced GUI", click "Done", click the green "foldit" box, and then click the red "View Options" box. This will bring up the "View Options" menu like on the left above. There you can click on the "Hide GUI" box in the lower left to hide the Chat Windows.

brow42 Lv 1

Hi, I don't think you'll be able to download recipes if you block IRC completely (by port blocking or other technique).