How many users does Foldit have? Etc.

Started by student_

student_ Lv 1

I'm looking for statistics and information on Foldit.  How many users does Foldit have?  How many evolvers are there?  Soloists?  How many are actively participating (e.g., how many have submitted a model in the last month, 60 days, etc.)?  How many groups are there? 

Any other similar high-level information (or pointers to it) would be greatly appreciated.

Steven Pletsch Lv 1

You can look through the puzzle history to see how the stats add up, just look how many players there are per page, and how many pages of standings for each puzzles. the number tends to vary some.. but only a dozen or so puzzles per month, the stats would not be hard to come up with (don't forget to subtract a few because the last page won't be full) You can also get an idea of how many active players played a puzzle by their score. The last few pages are all the same score, which is indicitive of the starting score. Likely those people opened it, and closed it again without playing.

btbenj Lv 1

it would be nice to have the stats, but you can see how many total players they are by clicking players, seeing that there are 50 players on the first page, and multiplying 50 by however many pages, currently 1189. The result is around 59,450 players. This includes inactive players.