Help researchers by donating computing power

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AllIDoIsHelp Lv 1

BOINC is a software originally developed by the University of Berkley to enable the distributed computing of scientific applications.
The first project was Seti@Home, which examined radio waves for signals from extraterrestrials and still does today.
Today, however, there are many more projects among others the World Community Grid, which mainly contains projects of medical research or for example Rosetta@Home, which carries out protein structure analyses.

So if you still feel like helping research in other ways, you can inform yourself at worldcommunitygrid(dot)org

bkoep Staff Lv 1

Legend has it that the idea for Foldit was born from the message boards of Rosetta@home, and we still use Rosetta@home to help analyze protein designs created by Foldit players! There's a little more info about this kind of analysis on an old blog post, see here!

If you decide Foldit is not for you, but would still like to help our research, please consider participating in Rosetta@home!