A bug for downloading expired challenge

Started by LanceKnight26

LanceKnight26 Lv 1

Hi, I am a user under Linux and I'm trying to download an expired puzzle but it keeps saying "Please run Foldit to add this puzzle". But I'm already running the game. I guess it is because I just untar the .tar.gz so somehow the corresponding path was not set?

rmoretti Staff Lv 1

In order for it to work, you need to be logged into the Foldit website and the Foldit client with the same username. (You can't use "play offline".) You also have to make sure that the Foldit client you're using is the only client you're logged in with - if you have multiple clients logged in, it won't work well. One way to check is to look at the chat windows - if you're getting the chat in the client, that's a good indication things are set up to download expired puzzles. I've also found that you get best results if you have a science puzzle loaded and up when you click the download puzzle button (versus attempting to hit the button when the main menu screen or the tutorials are up).

Finally, even if the puzzle is added/downloaded, sometimes the expired puzzles don't necessarily show up right away. On the scientific puzzle screen there should be a button to refresh the puzzle list, and you may need to click this to see the puzzle. (And don't forget the "show expired puzzles" checkbox.)

I've also had the experience where I need to exit out of the client and restart in order for it to work.

LanceKnight26 Lv 1

Thank you! It turned out that I have two usernames and I used different one on the application and website.