wiggle with cut bands disabled

Started by Enzyme

Enzyme Lv 1

I generally don't use cut bands very often so this may not happen often.
I noticed that with cut bands disabled and 0 cuts made, wiggling caused the score to fluctuate up and down with a generally upward trend if you are expecting a point gain from wiggle.
I do not know if this fluctuation is intended but I do not believe so.

bertro Lv 1

Sorry, I just tried this on my 1105 and could not reproduce (unless I misunderstood your post).

Up and down fluctuations were only apparent while CI < 1.0 (with and without Enable Cut Bands)

Enzyme2 Lv 1

ugh missed the reply button and downvoted. sorry.
Sounds like you understood. that's exactly how it was acting. as if CI was < 1 when it wasn't

Enzyme2 Lv 1

I was able to reproduce the issue. Starting at 8224 points, wiggling with cut bands enabled and disabled, both wiggles returned a score of 8280.081 so it is not a gameplay issue. With cut bands disabled the score could be seen fluctuating up and down as it rose.

closing due to lack of effect on gameplay.