Wiggle/freeze/band strange relation in latest exploration puzzle (or was it always with us?)

Started by Sidran

Sidran Lv 1

Exploration puzzle 435

This one is hard to explain and screen shot would not be helpful as it happens dynamically. But Ill try, just in case it might mean something to developers.

I placed a few bands, trying to reshape protein. Wiggle, disable band, enable… usual stuff. In few situations wiggle slowed and stopped as if it reached local. For some reason (beyond me) I froze just ONE segment near one of those band's joints and started wiggle again. It continued to wiggle normally and it became obvious that previous wiggle stopped for unknown reason, not because it reached local. I did undo, wiggle again… stuck. Froze one segment, wiggle continued. I am fairly sure something is fishy here.

I hope all this is clear enough and possibly helpful.