Wiggle all stops working on design puzzles

Started by Susume

Susume Lv 1

I have noticed this on several design puzzles over the past several months: wiggle all with bands will suddenly not work (the protein doesn't move; the score doesn't change). This is true even if I am trying to pull the ligand through empty space (not in violation of its constraints) or to pull it directly out from the larger protein: http://fold.it/portal/files/chatimg/irc_341210_1335589536.png

Changing the bands to strength 10 makes it move but deforms the ligand in the process. On 549, strength 9 or 10 worked but not 8 or less. This happens in the beginning of the puzzle when the protein is not yet in an optimized position and is not yet stiff.

OS: Win 7 home premium

RabidNimravid Lv 1

It's happened to me too but only in a really specific case- if I make a new track wiggle all can stop working on design puzzles. Restarting the client and loading a non-wiggling save, wiggle all will work again. I'm in devprev on Windows XP.