Website scoreboard ranking incorrectly? Or missing players?

Started by BootsMcGraw

BootsMcGraw Lv 1

The current list of top evolvers is missing # 17 and # 20. (See attached photo.)

Normally, when a rank number is missing, it's because two players have identical scores and share the same rank. That's not the case here. Where are the missing players?

BootsMcGraw Lv 1

Perhaps. But shouldn't the ranking program move everyone up to "fill in" the blanks?

And shouldn't that have righted itself after the last score update? I look, now, and see that #17 and #21 evolvers are absent. I also see that the #54, #129, and #164 soloists are missing, which lends credibility to the deleted accounts theory.

Are they truly deleted? If not… dev's, please restore them. If so, the ranking program needs to be fixed to account for players who are no longer with us.

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Rav, no it's not resolved. The problem has actually gotten worse, as more players apparently delete their accounts. Re-opening this feedback.

The current list of top evolvers is missing #'s 37, 52, 63, and 122. The list stops around 150, since there are not any more than that many active evolvers.

The current list of top soloists is missing #'s 102, 150, 181, and 294. There may be more, but I stopped looking at 400th place.

The current list at the Soloist Hall of Fame is missing #'s 83, 87, 122, 147, 186, 206, 247, 391, 403…. I stopped searching after eight pages.

It's my suspicion at least the first four missing scores in each category represent the same four ex-players. When a player deletes his account, his scoring history does not get deleted, but the display of it apparently does.

If folks really want to erase all records of their activity here, that's their choice. But the rankings need to be adjusted accordingly, else they will become fraught with holes if/when more people leave.

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Bumping this thread. It seems the #7 soloist has left the building (I verified the account was deleted), but the soloist ranking module acts like that person is still here.

The rankings did not resolve when puzzle 2049 ended. The last time this happened (it's happened many times since 2012), the "hole" in the rankings remained until the ex-player's solo score dropped to zero and fell off the radar.