Using CUT tool causes crash (Download 1/29/22)

Started by phi16

phi16 Lv 1

Using Mac OS 12.1, iMac:

I open 2102 Trimer puzzle, select two adjacent residues and click the CUT tool causes crash. Tried three times.

HuubR Lv 1

Unlike what I said in #veteran yesterday (around 2022-01-29 17:26 UTC), this bug occurred in the main release as well as in devprev. When I did my test in devprev yesterday, I had all filters switched off, and then the Cut tool works as usual. As another player had found, the bug was related to the Neural Net filter: with that filter switched off, it worked OK. I have now tested this for: <ul>

20220128-3e1f7758f6-win_x86-devprev : bug occurs when NN filter is Enabled 20220128-3e1f7758f6-win_x86 : bug occurs when NN filter is Enabled 20220129-79562a98db-win_x86-devprev : bug does not occur 20220129-79562a98db-win_x86 : bug does not occur </ul> In other words: the latest hotfix, dated 20220129, has solved the issue (at least for Windows; I cannot test it on Linux or Mac). Thank you, bkoep and devs, for this quick fix on a Saturday :-)