Upgrade Chat Tools

Started by karstenw

karstenw Lv 1

I would enjoy some more chat features like: copy/paste, clickable links, perhaps emoticons and/or fonts. It would be nice to open chat separate from the client and to be able to see the time that a message was sent, so that you don't reply to an old comment.

I never saw myself using chat ever, and yet I use it all the time in foldit. It clearly compliments gameplay in this type of gaming environment. Therefore making enhancements to chat might prove more valuable then one might expect.
Thank you for your consideration.

karstenw Lv 1

A side comment.
I know external irc is an option. That is handy, but it appears to be a bit high maintenance. I also think that when gamers are providing their own manual workarounds, it makes the game feel less credible. Maybe unfairly, but nonetheless…

phi16 Lv 1

The new feature that automatically disconnects your client from chat [I'm not sure what the criteria are for disconnection] should alter the user that they have been disconnected. How many times have I visited my group chat thinking no one is around when there was actually a lively discussion going on only my client had disconnected itself from the chat earlier? the box should be dimmed or in some other way changed to denote that chat is offline at the moment.

tamirh Lv 1

What symbols are you seeing that don't go through chat? You should be able to enter any unicode (with some restrictions) characters. Our main font may not support all characters, but I was testing out some cryllic characters and they seemed to work (to some degree, delete still doesn't work very nicely)

karstenw Lv 1

when people post a link, very often the whole link is not visible. we can raise the height of the window, but maybe it would be good if we can widen the window too.

karstenw Lv 1

Also, my external irc interacts with the foldit chat rooms and i can type in both external and internal chat. It made me wonder if the foldit chat rooms on every client you have running could actually be active simultaneously. porkythepundit mentioned moving chat to another pc, but maybe it just needs to behave more like an external irc.

gramps Lv 1

is it just me?

Over the last several months chat has been going down on almost an hourly basis, in-game and KVIrc. Would this be something on the client end or could this something at the foldit site?

Angus Lv 1

Just you. I can connect using an external IRC client and stay on for days or weeks, if a FoldIt crash dosn't cause my PC to reboot.