Two Crashes Puzzle 1267

Started by Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis Lv 1

Noticed that in game scoreboards on my two open clients were wrong again. Tried to refresh shared solutions in one of the two clients caused hang/crash.

Tried to save and exit from other client and that one hung/crashed too.

Susume Lv 1

If your scoreboards are out of date, your client has lost contact with the server. Anything after that that calls the server, including open/share solutions, changing tracks or puzzles, and several other things will cause the client to hang. Even closing the client will cause it to hang, as it tries to send your results up to the server. If the client is not yet hung, you can keep playing in it (including saving locally), avoiding any contact with the server, but eventually you will have to close it and open a new one.

Mike Lewis Lv 1

Thanks Susume, since opening new clients everything does seem back to normal, just had a panic attack when the scoreboards weren't right!