Some scripts "sleep" when minimized - an observation

Started by actiasluna

actiasluna Lv 1

Just noticed that Worm doesn't continue to work when I minimize a window. This isn't something I've noticed recently but "suspected" it was happening. This did not used to (prior to "game_dynamic"'s appearance) be the case, but is, now. Another thing I'm noticing is a huge draw on CPU from puzzles that shouldn't be doing that… whether minimized or not. Which is an anomaly because I know that the GPU runs harder when puzzles are maximized (my super fan is much noisier when puzzles are open on the desktop and maximized) and that previously the CPU activity decreased considerably (while still running the scripts) when a puzzle was minimized. So it's another mystery of the game_dynamic issue.

Don't know if this info helps in any way but perhaps… it seems to me like the game is having problems locating things and since it's not displaying foldit where it should, perhaps the same thing that's causing game_dynamic is also causing these other issues.

I definitely don't know what I don't know about this though, so Foldit folks make of this what you will. It was interesting to me (okay, and a little annoying as well).

mimi Lv 1

As I recall all GUI scripts will not run when the client is minimised unless you make a change to the options file. I still run a few and just change the protein to line and not showing sidechains and/or move it out of view, which seems to help.

Should be able to find the change on the wiki somewhere but it is eluding me.
Possible that it might cure this problem as well - worth a try maybe

bertro Lv 1

I think you have to change in options.txt, after shutting down the client:

"update_while_minimized" : "0" to "1"

and then start a new client.

Susume Lv 1

You mention Worm - is this a GUI recipe or is it Lua? If it is GUI, the game is behaving as designed - don't run any GUI things while minimized. If it is Lua, then something is not right.

Be aware that if you change your options.txt file to cause GUI recipes to run while minimized, it will also change the behavior of the game for all scripts. The GUI thread (the one that calculates how to display the protein on the screen) normally does NOT run while minimized - this is why foldit uses much less CPU while minimized. If you change options.txt to make GUI recipes run while minimized, the GUI thread will continue to run while minimized for ALL scripts, and while no script is running. There will no longer be any performance benefit to minimizing the game, as the GUI thread will run all the time. You may as well leave options.txt the way it is, and just remember not to minimize when running GUI recipes.

frood66 Lv 1

this issue is common with 'game_dynamic' it happens to various recipes - with LUA and otherwise. The behaviour has been reported B4 (by me at least)