Solutions developed offline nameless and useless

Started by Tony Origami

Tony Origami Lv 1

I am reporting this on behalf of Popijon. Popijon loaded puzzle 401 in on-line mode then exited. He then started in off-line and developed a good solution to 401 which was then saved. The developer was listed as — instead of Popijon. When this solution was loaded in on-line mode as Popijon it showed as an evolver solution with condition not met - evolver not known.

The puzzle is now in limbo with no owner and unable to be developed.

The problem is that the solution developed off-line has no name for the developer.

spvincent Lv 1

This restriction (off-line work on a solo solution not being recognized) dates from the early days of FoldIt, when sometimes people would work off-line on a good-scoring solo solution and then upload it just a few minutes before the closing deadline, a practise which irritated many.

Tony Origami Lv 1

If it is a policy then I guess there should be some sort of warning or documentation that the solution will not be available in online mode. What is off-line mode used for?

spvincent Lv 1

I'm not sure that off-line work is good for much. You can work on and improve a shared solution, but while any changes made to the protein will be recognized when you go back on-line, the fact that you might have evolved will not be. So if you download a teammates solution that scores 11000, go offline, improve it to 11005 (you'll still get the Evolved message as if you've acquired infra-red vision or something), then go back online, you will find you aren't registered as having evolved: you would have to improve the 11005 solution still further to do so.

The best use I can think of for off-line work would be script development.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

spvincent, you've explained this very well and I agree mostly.

But there are some people (students for example), who don't have a permanent internet connection (with flatrate billing), or they just want to fold on a mobile system (laptop).