Reclaim chat does not work as advertized.

Started by Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park Lv 1

"- The chat 'Reconnect' button will now forcibly disconnect any other client from chat, and log back in with your nickname on the current client."

It does not.

alwen Lv 1

This is not working in main, either.

Since this update, more than once I've logged in and had a gray chat button. Clicking the rectangular "Reconnect" doesn't do anything at all. Clicking the gray gumdrop button says "Reconnecting", but never connects.

The only way I can connect to chat via the in-game client is to Save & Exit and see if it connects when I log back in.

phi16 Lv 1

I am unable to reconnect to chat either. I have quit and restarted. Using main with Macintosh. Save & Exit did not help. Help.