Puzzle 459 server lockout and global chat issues

Started by Parclytaxel

Parclytaxel Lv 1

"A timeout was reached due to excessive server load.
Sorry for the inconvenience, please try again later."

This message is displayed when I try to access puzzle 459 from the Science Puzzles menu. Why has the server load been so high over the past few days, and why is it shown that other people can access this puzzle (when I cannot)? The other puzzles are fine, I can access them. I have tried over the past few days to access 459, but I cannot.

Additionally, global chat is not working for me. Why is it that the game constantly says "joining chat" in the global chat box when it never seems to actually join? Puzzle chat seems to work, but nobody is responding, and I suspect that there is a server error.

There definitely is something wrong here.

vixx Lv 1

if you check the box "disable timeouts" on the log in part of the game, you wont get the messages.
The overload is due to 7x as many people playing the game as is normal.
The in game chat drops out, its why most of us use an IRC client to access chat