Player list display html truncates point total

Started by jas0501

icecubey1971 Lv 1

Thanks for reporting this. I have had this (and been frustrated about it) for some time. This also occurs when I display the GROUPs. I have looked at the source info and the data is there, it just lays out so that it gets truncated on the screen. I am using Internet Explorer V6.
Thanks again.

icecubey1971 Lv 1

   I have access to Firefox (V2.0) at work.  When I look at the GROUP and PLAYERS list, it does NOT truncate the numbers at the right.  
  Maybe this is an issue only with Internet Explorer V6 ??  But, I would think if the HTML instructions were for a shorter length for the lines, it might work in BOTH environments.
  Just additional information to help resolve the issue.
Thanks for your help.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

You are right, it's the browser.
I usually use Firefox, but operning the stats with IE gave me the same truncated result.
As there are different commands for fontsize and possibilities of executing HTML code (or simply ignoring it), this can happen.

Christoph Lv 1

The truncated scores persist with IE8 (with and without compatibility view) too. Also, there seem to be many more problems with the website in IE.