old dev prev not always crediting scores / hanging

Started by Skippysk8s

Skippysk8s Lv 1

I was credited a much different score on puzzle 1202 evo than I had posted in game (at least 10386 as I had evoed a team mate share of 10384). I think it was an old dev prev client. Now my 1203 is permanently hung with the grey screen of death and unable to update. So I suspect it will be lost as I am switching back to main for now. We seem to have compatibility problems that are beyond the new version of dev prev.
JFlat has my sympathy…. wonder if others are having problems. I can't even close clients right now.

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

Was the bug here that your client locked up on 1203? Is anyone else having this issue?

Skippysk8s Lv 1

jflat – I had 2 bugs. one was wrong score on 1202 puzzle at least two hours after I had successfully evo-ed a team mate's share. I know that there are scoring problems right now. so wanted to report that old dev prev was somehow affected in addition to the new release. I didn't take the new release. I figured score would update withing 2 hours…
The second was the grey screen of death on closing a second client for puzzle 1203 which was also running the old version of dev prev. I finally killed it from windows task manager.
Anyhow, hope the winds die down and you manage to get things sorted. I haven't been home much, so sticking to main for now