Notes Mode error

Started by steveB

steveB Lv 1


If you put the programme into mode 3, notes mode, and place some notes on arbitrarily chosen residues the notes will not be there when you look at them later.

This has happened to me 3 times, but I am unable to determine at which point the notes are lost - since you only find out they are gone when you need to look at them again. When first typed in, they appear on the screen as they should do. If you switch out of mode 3 and then back into it, they will still be there but then dissapear at some point down the line.

Hope you can find the bug,


Steve B

Judecca Lv 1

Notes are only saved if you make an improvement after placing one. Most of the time, letting it wiggle a bit will save the change. If you hit ctrl-b immediately after placing a note, poof its gone

Susume Lv 1

This is happening again. When you restore very best, your segment notes that you have added since last score increase are erased.