Note Mode Shift-click for Residue Numbers and Info no longer working

Started by phi16

phi16 Lv 1

Note Mode Shift-click on residue for Residue Numbers and Info no longer working

phi16 Lv 1

What is "End"? Is this a PC keyboard feature? Is there a Macintosh keyboard equivalent?

This seems to be an answer to a request I had some time ago to make note mode information immediately available. If so, thanks. It will be very useful.

If so, then is note mode only for "Notes" and no longer for info?

If so, then some help notes have to be modified.

LennStar Lv 1

is PC keyboard, you go e.g. to the end of a text with it. Thats why it is named so ;) Mac should have an equivalent I would guess.

Mouse over a residue und end toggles info on/off but not (write) notes.

phi16 Lv 1

The Macintosh equivalent is "Fn" and Right Arrow. On Macintosh a better keystroke combination would be Command + I as in info. Just a suggestion . :)