not ready for prime time

Started by jas0501

jas0501 Lv 1

It took less that 30 seconds for encounter the lost keyboard event problem with this version. Space bar, or W or S getting lost.

Very frustrating.

It would seem any folder on the development teams should have encountered, reported, and corrected this before issusing the beta.

The language around "new best" needs to be improved.

Also all three "best" icons have icons of a plus sign. This is confusing as 2 at go to the config and I think the other is remember the "new best". maybe and different icon for the 3 item would help clarify the difference. Maybe MS and MR like on a calculator for memory store and memory recall.

Better language instead of "new best", though I don't have a suggestions would also help. The current setup is very confusing.

Being able to access version information from within foldIt would be good as well

Having the interface totally replace, via download, the exe versus run a beta exe requires a complete download when switching between them.

Why not just rename the exe depending on beta vs main and avoid the extra downloads?

Seth Cooper Staff Lv 1

Most of these are duplicates of existing issues that may have been resolved in the beta. Different icons is a good idea. What version are you using? You can find it in the general options dialog.