[NewChapter] will not open in Mac OS 10.7

Started by auntdeen

auntdeen Lv 1

I had loaded the new client the first day, then not again until yesterday.

When I tried yesterday, I kept getting the corrupt database error, please reinstall - tried over a half dozen times.

Finally I duplicated my Main client, changed my options.txt, and was able to open that client.

This morning, that one is getting the same error.

So to play newchapter, I would need to again duplicate my Main client, do the newchapter update…

Seth Cooper Staff Lv 1

We have an idea what may be causing this. We'll be posting an update to newchapter shortly which should address this issue.

johnlongbottom Lv 1

I do fix in it's log on errors..It skeptically defines the error "Undefined log files" What does it mean? & How do I get 'em right??