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Started by Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy Lv 1

There doesn't seem to be away to manually mutate all as we could in the original interface. The only way to do it in the new interface is to run a script as far as I can see.

rmoretti Staff Lv 1

Manual mutation should be accessible from the "M" action. (Versus the "Y" menu which does automatic mutation.) Select the residue(s) you want to mutate, then click the button. This should pop up additional layers to the action button menu which allows you to select the residue identity you want to mutate the residues to.

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1


1) buttons are too big OR the non available ones should disappear from screen
2) Score is too big (and the title "Score:" could be deleted)
3) We need to see the expiration date on puzzle, very usefull from strategy point of view
4) (deleted) (OK I found the ranking on the list of players)
5) In general there remains not enough place too see the puzzle: an option to reduce the font size of all buttons and windows ? Or make the action buttons optional within a menu "action"

Default view:

Should open my (edited) default view for specific puzzle. Is there way to automatically set the default view based on the parent default of an edited one ?

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

Question: how do we select range manually ? (there was some guide and keys on the old selection interface, I don't remember how to do)

HuubR Lv 1

Ctrl+Left Click adds one residue to the selection, or if it was already selected, it deselects it.
Shift+Left Click adds a range of residues, starting at the previous one you clicked on.
In both cases, if nothing was selected before, you will just select the one residue that you click on, like a normal Left Click.

Be careful: any Click on the backgroud will deselect everything, so you would need to start all over again. You can see the difference before you click: over a residue, the mouse pointer is a hand, but over the background it is an arrow.

As an alternative, in puzzles where the Blueprint window is enabled, you can click and drag in that window. But that will only allow you to select one consecutive range. With Ctrl+Left Click and Shif+Left Click, you can add any residue or range, so you can skip whichever residues you do not want to include.

You can even press Ctrl+A to Select All, and then use Ctrl+Left Click to deselect the ones that you want to exclude. Useful when you want to select almost all residues.

Finally, you can Double Click (Left) on a Helix or a Beta Strand: that will select that Secondary Structure plus the Loops on either side. That is the quickest way to make a selection for the Tweak tool, which is then shown automatically.

LociOiling Lv 1

To select a sphere, click on a residue, then control+shift+drag to select more segments.

As you drag away from the start, more residues are selected. Still dragging, if you move back toward the start, fewer residues are selected.

In the hotfix (20211202-4c519292a1-win_x86-devprev), the number of segments selected is now displayed in the lower left.

In the selection interface, the help in the upper left used to include the select sphere shortcut. That was removed even before the new interface was released. I'm not sure it's mentioned in the new help section.