New beta: Alignment tool bug

Started by bertro

bertro Lv 1

New beta: a5e80447e625ef2d65e7e152752a632c

Alignment tool bug, missing model names and check boxes, see attached file.

bertro Lv 1

Note that the boxes are there but not visible. After adding a few mode models, some did reappear at the bottom. See second attached file.

also notice the score after threading zhang2: -545316.567
which is different than doing a reset puzzle to zhang2: -23775.251 (see third attached file)
Is that intentional or a bug?

auntdeen Lv 1

I've had that happen occasionally, too - for a few weeks now.

I also have had a few times when I've opened a second client, but it wasn't fully functional. Segments wouldn't freeze, or right click wouldn't bring up the wheel, etc.

I've just closed the client and reopened, which fixed it. I've thought it might have to do with the Mac client - but with so much else going on, kept forgetting to document for feedback.

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

Please give us the build-id (the one with the copy button) instead of the version hash. The version hash doesn't really provide us with much information, and should probably be taken out.

bertro Lv 1

Here is a video of weird stuff happening when using the Alignment tool:

Please rename the file from .txt to .avi

It can be viewed using WMP (I have win7 64-bit Prof with SP1)

bertro Lv 1


1) Alignment tool still buggy!

2) Thread Info in Segment Information window still wrong (most of the time) after threading.

Feedback would be appreciated.