My best solo score displayed online and via client can not be restored

Started by bendbob

bendbob Lv 1

I have attached a screenshot of the clients "Autosaved Very Best Soloist Solution" and a save I made which is 3 points beyond what pressing the "a" key is giving me.

I have not loaded the save I made as I was asked to leave it be for the devs to look over.

infjamc Lv 1

This could occur for several reasons:

  1. It is possible for a high score to be registered by the server without being loadable locally if your client crashed very soon after you achieved the high score. This can happen because it's possible that the program had crashed before it had the chance to complete the autosave. (If this is the case, your top-scoring solution is unfortunately lost forever.)

  2. If you've used multiple tracks, it's possible that you're in the wrong track. In other words, the high score might be in a different track.

  3. Another possibility is that the program uploaded a score to the server when it shouldn't have done so (e.g. ).

bendbob Lv 1

1.) I had no client crashes in the last 2 weeks at least, lucky me?!?

2.) I had 2 tracks the default track was 100's of points ahead of a 2nd attempt with a different alignment which did not score well, so those tracks are totally different in scores.

3.) If the client uploaded a false score then it is a bug in any case and a bug that can not be traced from the users side, therefore it is probably a severity 1 bug rather than a 2. When there is no clue why this is happening or when or where in the code the client decided to upload a "new high score" then how do I know that the program is scoring correctly at all. Perhaps it is adding points rather than subtracting…who knows?

Will Microsoft donate testing software to you for this? If so let me know and I'll work on the QA integration. Top level testing is not getting into the guts very well and this is where these type of bugs live.

Code On!

spmm Lv 1

I have exactly the same problem now on 524 in main, autosave is 6 points lower than ingame soloist scoreboard, so the server got the score but the autosave didn't, 524 hasn't crashed on me yet, the script completed normally, but I changed tracks without manually saving. So you just have to remember to save high scores manually to be safe :(