Monthly, Weekly, Total scores ?

Started by steveB

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On the soloist scoreboard on the website ( players->options, and possibly on the evolver too) the current scoreboards are showing :

Top Soloist : All scores back to puzzle 123 02/20/09 [4 months]
Top Solist Month : All scores back to puzzle 131 13/11/09 [3 months]
Top Solist week : All scores back to puzzle 131 13/11/09 [3 months] (Same as above)

Can I be totally direct with you ?

What's the point in having the scoreboards if they are not both maintained and regularly checked by someone (ie not us). I am sure that the are new users who put a lot of effort into starting playing this game are totally discouraged when they can't see the results of their work in the weekly results.

We don't get paid to use this programme - the points are our currency - and I would suspect they are important to most players. Having to come onto the feedback regarding points totals is socially embarassing for many people and it should be, in my opinion, an absolute priority for someone in the foldit team to maintain the scores correctly, and thereby the trust and enthsiasm of the players.

Hope this helps things along,

Steve B

admin Staff Lv 1

My apologies. This is an automatic process and unless someone reports the bug, if we don't see it, we don't know of it. Now that you have reported it I have fixed the faulty logic on the server that caused the problem. The correct weekly and monthly scores have been computed and updated throughout the site.

infjamc Lv 1

Thanks for the quick update. However, as much as I hate to nit-pick, it seems that the monthly and weekly scores for All Hands are still not updates. (Since the last all-hands puzzle closed on May 1st, the monthly and weekly all-hands scores should be all-zero.)

admin Staff Lv 1

Yes, well, that's a different issue. I hesitated to just mark those scores as zero in the scoring logic. So the solution I have come up with is to simply don't display those score list if a meaningful score list is not available. So until we have more all-hands puzzles, there will simply be no monthly or weekly all-hands score list – after all, it would not make sense.

Re-resolved then. :)