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Started by gmn

gmn Lv 1

Hello foldit people,

on my laptop screen, not all of the screen shows (i.e., the rank/score doesn't show up and cursor needs to be below most buttons to click on it as well any residues on a protein); however, on my desktop, everything shows up and operates correctly. Seems to be an aspect/ratio problem for my laptop.

Running on laptop:

Windows 10
Version 1803
Intel(R) i7-7700HQ CPU 2.8GHz
8.00 GB RAM
64-bit operating system

Running on desktop:

Windows 10
Version 1803
AMD FX(tm)-6120 Six-Core Processor
64-bit os

Hope this helps. It is annoying to have to move the laptop cursor differently from buttons and residues. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


jeff101 Lv 1

For the laptop with the small screen,
you might need to learn some keyboard shortcuts:

In the Original Interface,
you can find a list of keyboard shortcuts under Actions/Help.

In the Selection Interface,
click on the Foldit icon in the lower left of the screen,
then click on Main, then click on Help.

Does that help?

jeff101 Lv 1

On Windows machines, there is also a hotkeys.txt file
in the folder where the Foldit executable resides.
hotkeys.txt lists various keyboard shortcuts. You can 
view its contents with Notepad, for example. I think 
you can also edit it to customize it, but I'd save the 
original with a name like hotkeys0.txt in case you need 
to restore it.

In the same directory on Windows machines is another 
file called options.txt. It contains lines like below 
that seem to control the positions and widths of menus. 
I think you can edit it to customize how Foldit appears,
but I'd save the original as options0.txt, just in case.

 "behavior_options/x" : "651"
 "behavior_options/y" : "444"
 "cookbook/h" : "351"
 "cookbook/w" : "289"
 "cookbook/x" : "21"
 "cookbook/y" : "139"
 "gui/desired_window_height" : "900"
 "gui/desired_window_width" : "1150"
 "menu/x" : "-101"
 "menu/y" : "445"
 "social/x" : "399"
 "social/y" : "279"
 "tracks/x" : "667"
 "tracks/y" : "196"
 "undo/x" : "-82"
 "undo/y" : "9"
 "view_options/x" : "392"
 "view_options/y" : "-126"