Lots of failure messages in log

Started by Timo van der Laan

Timo van der Laan Lv 1

All of the type:
failure in renaming saved file: puzzles/0000993036/0000308854/default\autDA96.tmp -> puzzles/0000993036/0000308854/default/autosave-creditbest.ir_solution
Error creating temporary file puzzles/0000993036/0000308854/default\autDA96.tmp falling back to unsafe direct write of save data
Autosaved puzzles/0000993036/0000308854/default/autosave-creditbest.ir_solution.

I suspect the backslash in the name should actually be a /

tamirh Lv 1

Note: I'm fairly sure the forward-slash back-slash mix is fine and this is the same as the other autosave bug, but I will double check