long-distance clashes, virtual chain position

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On puzzle 1694, opening a solution from puzzle 1691 may result in streams of clashes flickering back and forth between the chains.

Although the two chains appear far apart, as soon as you try to move the main chain, the apparent distance collapses, and the two chains are instantly on top of each other.

While the streamers are kind of pretty, it seems like this is some kind of initialization problem. As usual, there's a chance that this issue could cause more serious problems.

The steps to recreate are:

  1. open the default pose in 1694
  2. using the selection interface, idealize the secondary structure of the two helixes
  3. the two chains are now far apart
  4. in view options, turn on show clashes
  5. open a previously saved solution from 1691
  6. streamers of clashes flit between the two chains
  7. engage the move tool on the main chain, move the chain a tiny amount
  8. the two chains are now superimposed </ol> The image below shows the effect, but a video is really required to do it justice. [img_assist|nid=2007928|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=640|height=509]

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Thanks, proves I'm not crazy? A little late, but here's my version:

As also seen in S0ck's video, the various "show bonds" options may also show a very long virtual bond between the chains. Of course, the chains only appear to be far apart, but are actually superimposed when you collapse the wave.

bkoep Staff Lv 1

Thanks for the feedback—that's very weird! I'm having trouble reproducing this on my own machine, but there are a couple more things I can try. Are you using a Windows operating system?