loading evolution, +7 points, instant evolve

Started by mottiger

mottiger Lv 1

Hey there,
I downloaded a solution on 524 and just by loading it, got +7 points and it was of course directly evolved.
Really strange behaviour!

itskimo Lv 1

yes it happened to me also when i downloaded it instantly jumped 12 points and evoed. then later i downloaded anothed post and it jumped 11 points instantly. as far as i know no one else on my team observed this. and yes it was repeatable, i tried a lot of times and the same thing happened everytime. the posts were from mdw on team folderna. nice bug :)

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

I believe I've figured out the problem here. It should be fixed in future symmetry puzzles. Thanks to mottiger for helping debug this.