Large number of duplicate items in Mac and Linux releases

Started by jbbuckley

jbbuckley Lv 1

The current Mac and Linux releases of Foldit each contain about 72 MiB of duplicate resources.

Here's a breakdown for the Mac release:

61927244 bytes (59 MiB) for 1 item each:

13902830 bytes (13.3 MiB) for 841 items each:

Removing the dupes brings down the total decompressed app size by about 1/3.

Current (total): 229449562 bytes (218.8 MiB) for 2088 items
Without dupes (total): 153619488 bytes (146.5 MiB) for 1243 items

The compressed size drops by ~40%:

Current (zip): 65924202 (62.9 MiB)
Without dupes (zip): 39414930 (37.6 MiB)

Seth Cooper Staff Lv 1

The 00000000000000000000000000000000 folders are kept as a kind of fall-back in case there is a problem with the other set of files. We are currently looking into reducing the size of the installer/installation and will take into consideration if we need to keep those.