Inconsistent and unstable behavior in devprev update of 7 Jan 13

Started by Hanto_FZ140E_4G

Hanto_FZ140E_4G Lv 1

I would have placed this under ' Observation ' if there had been such a TYPE, but since there wasn't I was forced to choose ' Bug '.
I am noticing quite a bit of unstable activity on my updated clients while my non-updated clients appear to be functioning normally. Latest devprev clients exhibit slow access and slow minimize actions and often hesitate during periods of viewing. So far, cannot discern what I would call a bad memory leak.

Will upload a log.txt from one of the updated folders.

For the last several weeks I have enjoyed great faith in my clients due to my diligence in removing extraneous OEM software from my system and in my estimation the prior devprev before the latest update was one of the very best every created by the Foldit team during my tenure on the site. There are still things I might accomplish ( such as a system reboot ) before jumping to any conclusions, but I do know that normally there are not such extreme differences between my latest devprevs and the devprevs that existed previously.

Win 7 x64 SP-1

Hanto_FZ140E_4G Lv 1

System disply went blank earlier forcing me to reboot during gameplay. After reboot, reloaded all my folder/clients and all seemed to start up and behave as one would expect and I believe they did yesterday to start out with. Yesterday tho, I took a several hour nap and then went out, it was when I got back from this excursion that I noticed the difficulties with the updated clients and no problems with the non-updated clients. Right now and earlier when first noticing and writing about this issue, I was only using half the clients I am capable of using for several days on end.
Besides the effects mentioned in first note there were also indications of other softwares on the system being affected, i.e. slow to load and shutdown but the primary effect for the sake of the foldit software was inability to quickly access or minimize an updated client, the non-updated clients worked normally and faithfully. Sounds like a memory issue if I had to guess, but that is why I sent you the log.txt. My vision is to poor to be scanning through it for any good ideas.

tamirh Lv 1

Thanks for the observation. Putting this up as a bug is just fine, we will investigate to see if there are memory leaks or if there is anything else that would lead to this instability.

When you say you noticed difficulties with the updated clients after leaving them for several hours, was there anything in particular that was wrong with them? Other than taking longer to show back up, were they sluggish, or not render properly?

Hanto_FZ140E_4G Lv 1

no apparent rendering problem that I could see, however were definitely sluggish to the point that updated clients when attempted to access would hesitate for minutes ( not seconds ) and sometimes appear to shut the client down totally only to re-appear by their own accord within a minute or so, further down on the taskbar.
The display blanking that forced me to reboot the computer was ( I believe ) a direct result of the odd activity on the updated clients, i.e. the sluggishness and strange disappearance/reappearance of the clients on the taskbar. Kinda like memory being temporarily used/locked and then allowed to be released which does sometimes cause similar problems

Today's run of my clients using recipes that finished sooner then did the recipes under which I first observed the problem have largely escaped the initially observed issue. I'm afraid I may have embarrassed myself, but in truth I doubt it. Just may take more direct observation using recipes that do not end so quickly.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I don't know how much more I can give tonite, but will make sure I start puzzles and recipes that do not end until well into the day tomorrow..

The only real reason I reported this at all is that the non-updated clients continued to run properly while the updated clients where the ONLY ones that produced the issues mentioned in previous notes. If not for that one difference, I would have not said anything…

I wish I could say more right now but can only go with my gut feelings as a tech. I would rather be embarrassed and wrong then to take the chance on the possible bug making it to ' Main '

Hanto Lv 1

I think I found the problem. just an hour or two before updating to the latest devprev I had also updated my Nvidia 310.70 video drivers to the 310.90 drivers which had come out just a few hours earlier.
I reverted to the 310.70 drivers and at least for the time being I am seeing NONE of the hesitations and other problems associated with first comments.
I can understand how the 310.90 drivers may have affected the updated clients, what I can't understand is why the the new video drivers didn't also have a similar negative effect on the non-updated clients.

It is possible that in a single Foldit client mode of operation that the 310.90 drivers might function as well as the 310.70, but in my multi-client mode, they fail horribly. There are distinct advantages to the 310.90 drivers that I could not take advantage of as a result, two of which were enhanced brightness and clarity of screen which are of extreme importance to a blind person like myself.

If my success continues, I will be placing comments on Nvidia's forum site within a day or two..

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

Glad you found the cause of the problems.
Thank you for letting us know (especially if anyone else plans on updating the Nvidia drivers to 310.90)