In game chat doesn't allow clicking URLs

Started by Tlaloc

Tlaloc Lv 1

In the in-game chat, you can click on URLs that are attached to images, but urls pasted into the conversation are not clickable. They don't invoke the browser.

ptfrog Lv 1


Not to take a simple job and make it harder, but it's a little worrisome to make a link clickable if you can't read it. (There has been a fair amount of background chatter on this topic.) Perhaps you could make the IRC window scrollable, or make long "words" wrap instead of printing past the edge of the window?

1) scrollable chat window
2) wrap the URL.

brow42 Lv 1

A lot of the URLs are to or the wiki so sidestepping the debate about URL safety can we allow everything in domain and anything in (*.) A huge number of URLs are recipes or forum/feedback pages.

Seth Cooper Staff Lv 1

Okay, the chat is set up to convert messages that contain only a URL beginning with one of these into clickable links:

This will go out in a future update.