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Lemon Friend Lv 1

I am currently using the latest devprev version of Foldit (Build ID 2012-03-27-48171M-win_x86-devprev). I have noticed quite a bit of network traffic when I run the application, so I jumped into the Resource Manager (System 7) to see where the traffic was headed. To my surprise, the Foldit app is communicating with sites like and

There is also traffic to, but that is quite small compared to the traffic going to the other sites.

What's up with those other sites?

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

wow… I actually thought this feedback was SPAM and was about to delete it!
We will look into this ASAP, thank you for reporting this!

bertro Lv 1


For info:

I only see traffic to/from

I will monitor for some time.

Seth Cooper Staff Lv 1

I'm also only seeing traffic to Those who see, do you have anything related to that running, or anything related to Impulse, Stardock, or GameStop? Does there connecting to those sites seem to be triggered by any actions in the game?

bertro Lv 1

Still no other traffic then

Lemon Friend, from the different PID values shown in your file you seem to have 4 clients running. Is that correct? Just curious what the 3 clients not connecting to foldit-web… are doing?

Lemon Friend Lv 1

I normally have four to five clients running at a time. Each client is normally running on a different puzzle, although sometimes I use tracks to try different techniques on the same puzzle. None of the clients would have been just sitting around doing nothing.

I'm beginning to have doubts that it is a Foldit application problem, however. Twice I have glimpsed with firefox now. It's hard to tell for sure, because with firefox it comes and goes so quickly, but with Foldit it is there all the time.

My brother, FluffyFang, is also having this problem, but it includes I've also seen

I've run virus scans and they have shown nothing.

Lemon Friend Lv 1

Now I'm seeing those sites with Safari, so I guess I've got a virus of some kind that my virus checkers have not caught.