High memory use in linux 64

Started by fishercat

fishercat Lv 1

Since the switch to a 64 bit linux client I am having severe memory issues (the computer,not my brain). FoldIt has always been a resource hog, but now it takes up 1.1gB of ram on my 2gB system. This is causing excessive swapdisk usage making the system unusable for multitasking. I am using Ubuntu 10.10 server 64 with the latest kernel, CPU is athlon triple core ~ 2.1 gHz/core.

Are there any work arounds to this new feature?

fishercat Lv 1

The last few puzzles have been that way. They've been getting pretty big. I guess I'll have to play smaller puzzles until I can afford more ram. :-(

I was just watching the memory load as I started the game. It hogs a lot of memory before loading a puzzle then goes through the roof.

If only I had that six core cpu with 8 gigs.

Maybe I could grid a few dozen raspberry pis :-)

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I figured it out on my own. I was running "preload" which is a prefetch daemon. I guess it speeds things up when you have plenty of ram.

After removing preload I am getting a more reasonable 544 megabytes of memory used.