Group scores are incorrect

Started by CharlieFortsConscience

CharlieFortsConscience Lv 1

Tip of the hat to mimi, for pointing it out, but this may also be related to the cluster of server update problems in the last 24 hours. After 224 closed last night, we noticed the Top Group webscore is different to the score you see when you click to go to each one's frontpageā€¦.

RDF Topgroup=4238, webpage=4107
AHAP TG=3363 w=3435
VC TG=2409 w=2455
Contenders TG=2375 w=2282
Russians TG=1579 w=1523

Did the recent score recalculations reach everywhere?

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

The bug is permanent since a long time:

Go Science Group page:

Go Science
Global Rank: #3
Global Score: 2,821

Groups ranking page:

#1 Beta Folders 3603
#2 Contenders 3183
#3 Anthropic Dreams 3081
#4 Go Science 2706