Group Chat Offline

Started by phi16

phi16 Lv 1

4:00 pm EST (New York) Group Chat for Richard Dawkins Foundation is offline and none can enter it.

admin Staff Lv 1

I'm in the group chat and it seems to be working fine. 4 RDF members are in it right now. Exactly what happened?

phi16 Lv 1

I could not get into group chat. Chat text edit field said "Joining chat" in dimmed letters. In Group chat Aotearoa, dejerpha and findiggle at points appeared and said they too could not get into chat. In fact, at this moment I still am not permitted into chat. Could it have anything to do with my getting a new computer today? My Internet connections have been funky today as well. I would have thought it was my problem and not site problem except for the facts that I can get into global chat and puzzle chat. I also spoke wth others experiencing the same thing.

admin Staff Lv 1

It is odd. But I saw you in group chat at least once today:

16:30 -!- phi16 has joined #richarddawkinsfoundation
16:30 -!- mode/#RichardDawkinsFoundation [+v phi16] by ChanServ


16:46 -!- phi16 has quit [Remote host closed the connection]

Did that show up for you in the client?

phi16 Lv 1

yes i think i was there for a brief period vertex tells me he is experiencing the same thing

icecubey1971 Lv 1

I have been having problem for about 3 weeks getting into group chat, too (but didn't have time to report it, yet). On the game screen, when I hit the little blue circle to see who is in the chat room, I would see names (names of folks in my group) for about 1 second, and then it would show 0 members.

ZeddicusZulZorrandr Lv 1

The problem occurred because I was banned from the group.  Leaving and rejoining fixed it for me.  Judecca helped me with it, so he would probably have a better understanding of it.

admin Staff Lv 1

Right, then this is the same group bug we had a few weeks ago before my flu and the server maintenance. I will be fixing it late this week or early next week.

phi16 Lv 1

"Late this week or early next week" fix. OK. If that's the best that you can do. We'll have to find some other way to chat in group mode. However, let me put in my two cents about the priority of group chat.

1) Folding takes a long period of time to do successfully.

2) Group solutions always beat out solo solutions due to amount of time the group can put in over individual.

3) To see the best solution possible which is what this is all about, group solutions cannot be dismissed.

4) If tools for working in groups are not in place, group solutions are limping along at best.

5) Personal anecdote of one group member: We developed strategies which allowed us to fold in one hour what would have taken us days working alone.

Please reconsider your priorities.

dejerpha Lv 1

Just to give you another data point, I am still not able to join group chat.

The entry zone of that chat window has a grey "Joining group chat…" message in it.

Thank you for your work by the way. Solving such issues, which involve two technologies talking together (chat and the client) is probably tricky.