Group chat boots team members

Started by Madde

Madde Lv 1

Several of the members of Void Crushers can't join group chat.

In IRC I see the following messages:

steveB ( has joined #VoidCrushers
Mode #VoidCrushers +b ! by ChanServ
steveB was booted from #VoidCrushers by ChanServ (You are not permitted to be on this channel.)

This affects at least steveB, HillObserver, mikedressner and Dolichwier

vakobo Lv 1

Maybe this is same problem - i can't see my teammates in group-chat when i press "i" button

Judecca Lv 1

there was a fix IRC permission page but i can't remember it every working. it may be worth a shot. i guess access permissions weren't restored right during the server switch. it also looks like new users joining a group aren't being added to the access list either.

ilya.makedon Lv 1

Ask the users that are having trouble joining IRC use the link Judecca posted. Let us know what happens. Thanks.

vakobo Lv 1

All was fine on Tuesday in the morning, but in the evening teammates disappears from group-chat list.

ilya.makedon Lv 1

If you are still having troubles with IRC chat, here are the steps that will, hopefully, fix them.

1) Quit Foldit and any other IRC clients connected to foldit server
2) Log in into this website
3) Go here
4) Check the check box
5) Press save

If after that you're still having trouble, please post a response here. Be sure to include the messages generated by the script.

Doing this did nothing before now. Today, I've made update to the server code to actually add functionality that verifies and fixes IRC registration problems.