Global soloist scores calculated incorrectly.

Started by BootsMcGraw

BootsMcGraw Lv 1

It seems we have gone well past the four-month cut-off point on calculating global scores. Scores should have been cut off February 8th, with "Beginner Puzzle: T-cell Lymphoma" being the last puzzle scored. That would have given me 3502 points, yet my global score is 4032.

Lest we forget the mass exodus of players after the last time the scores weren't updated in a timely manner, I suggest someone cull the scores, immediately.

And then write a program to do this automatically, since it appears the scores are revised, manually.

BootsMcGraw Lv 1

I have an alternate suggestion: Scores be culled on the first day of every month, or some other day (e.g. the 15th, the last day), and also post that policy on the "Players" page and everyone's "My Page", so that folderers will see it every time they look at the global scores.

B_2 Lv 1

Why wouldn't there be a script to update the scores every time a puzzle closes? Seems pretty obvious…

christioanchauvin Lv 1

I would suggest exponential smoothening where to get the new global score you add the last puzzle score to
the last global score multiplied by some factor <1 like .98.Like that,you take each and every puzzle into account,
and if you have a stable puzzle score ,100 for example ,your global score would stay at 5000 avoiding the
ups and downs of actualization and giving some 'absolute' measure of quality.Moreover computing is easy
and checkable.

BootsMcGraw Lv 1

The old system wasn't broken. It just lacked the means to automatically keep a rolling four-month scoring window. If the leaderboards were managed regularly, this would be a moot point.

The new "categories" are a great addition, if you want to know what types of puzzles are your strengths. But they are useless to tell me if I am a better player than anyone else. Is a rank of nine in CASP better than a rank of five in Symmetry, since there are so many more CASP puzzles? I don't know. And neither will anyone else.

Please do NOT get rid of the current scoring system. Seriously. You are going to offend untold numbers of players if you do, yours truly, included.

B_2 Lv 1

I completely agree with Boots.

Don't do away with the current system, just get the rolling 4 month re-totaling automated as each puzzle closes.

I really thought this was already happening, and I'm kind of disappointed that we are still talking about this after a couple of years.

christioanchauvin Lv 1

Obviously,the problem will be the same with the categories,with additional problems linked
to the very different numbers in each category.

spmm Lv 1

Isn't the overall category the same as old global solo/evo? My understanding from jflat was that beginner is the <15 <150 puzzles - not puzzles called beginner but that is not clear from the description.

This the is the overall puzzle category, containing all non-beginner puzzles. Doing well in this category means you're well versed in all forms of folding, even if you're not the best in one particular category.