Game Crashes Permanently

Started by pete535

pete535 Lv 1

I downloaded foldit for Windows computer to do the exercises for a class, and at first it went fine. I was able to go through multiple educational exercises in a row, with a functional transition between all of them. I got the the COVID-19 protein exercise and decided to take a break and so I hit the save and exit button, which promptly ended the program entirely. Afterwards, when I tried going back into the program to do more exercises, every time I clicked on a program and tried to open it, it would close foldit with absolutely no warning. I tried various exercises to see if it was an issue with just one, but it didn't stop the game from closing on its own. I restarted my computer a few times, also with no effect on the issue. The issue only fixed itself when I uninstalled the program entirely and re-installed it (with the same download as before! I didn't re-download it off of the site). It seems to be okay now, but I'm still wary that if I press the save and exit button again that it might cause this issue all over again.