Evolving Issue

Started by brgreening

brgreening Lv 1

Evolving Puzzle 1195

At 14:18 GMT I opened the Shared Solutions for Beta Folders.

For puzzle 1195, in the shared solutions section, it showed "Created By: —"

On the screen, it in the Group and Evolver Competition boxes showed "Getting player list" rather than the usual list of evolvers and their scores.

The Foldit web site showed nothing for Puzzle 1195 Evolvers

I am using the 20151218-b5ec35b633-win_x86-devprev version of Foldit on a Windows 10 platform.

brgreening Lv 1

At 14:33 GMT I was able to evolve the puzzle.

I was the sole evolver on puzzle 1195 at this time.

The Group Compttition and Evolver Competition boxes now show the right stuff.

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

This happens to me (for any puzzle) when there was a temporary disconnection from server.
When I have these "Created By: —", I know that I was disconnected.

It often corrects itself when refreshing the list or when opening a new client (that will reconnect to server).

If it crashes when trying to refresh the list, see also bug report: http://fold.it/portal/node/993031