Evo scoring issue is quite unfair

Started by smilingone

smilingone Lv 1

I'm not sure which update started it, but, it's been fairly recent. I'm thinking it may have been the update that allowed mac users to play with normal temperatures, but, it may just be a New Chapter change. With surprising regularity I'll get on the evo board while cutpoints are open even though my score isn't higher by the required points. On one hand it appears to be a moot issue since the red line stays until you improve by the additional points. But, what makes it unfair is that you are showing a score on the evo side without doing the work. I usually continue working for more points and eventually get a legitimate evo, but, others can just play long enough to show up on the board and stop. This reduces rank unfairly of everyone below them that is actually working to get the additional points.

spmm Lv 1

Surely the score shouldn't show (ie: should be 0)until the red line is gone, as happens in the beginner puzzles (where you cannot get rid of the red line).
That doesn't stop people sharing solutions regardless of their state but prevents them appearing in the scoring list until the cuts are closed.
What/when was this update: the update that allowed mac users to play with normal temperatures? Or was it just for mac clients?

smilingone Lv 1

Changing to a bug since it surely must be a bug.

The update that created this issue was a general update. I'm on win7 and using devprev.

My score showing up on evo list before increasing credited score has happened more times than I can count. I'm going to start making note of it on all future evo's. Hopefully, everyone else does the same. If time permits I'll try to go back and see when it first happened since I remember making a note of it the first time it happened. My notes are very extensive and I run multiple clients between two computers. It may be difficult to find since I don't know how far back I need to go.

smilingone Lv 1

I do a LOT of evo's and it had been fixed since I only recently encountered it again. I believe it started showing up again in March 2014. And, it shows up regularly now.