Error: Cannot find the specified recipe

Started by mat747

Crashguard303 Lv 1

Whe I´ve just uploaded a script, and I try to view it, I get a "500 - Internal server error".
Maybe the scripts take some time to "settle down".

Crashguard303 Lv 1

umm… unsharing and sharing it again didn´t work.
What´s wrong with the server? Is the file too big?
The script works on my system, but when I upload it, it isn´t accessible.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

I just asked in the forum, but there was no answer.

I'll try it here again:
Is it allowed to share recipes here as attachment, as long as the server problem remains?

Crashguard303 Lv 1

So, this is the content, which doesn't work, stored as .PNG-File, but it is a simple Text

Pasting and running this recipe works without problems, but the server doesn't want it.

mat747 Lv 1

I tried to view it on the foldit recipes page and an got "500 - Internal Server Error" message.