Disappeared from score board

Started by Close At Hand

Close At Hand Lv 1

I was #6 on the score board for puzzle 500 last night. I left my computer running a script overnight. This morning it took a minute or so for foldit to paint the screen when I opened the window, and I was at #2 (9450). I assumed there was a memory leak or something and it was time to restart the client, which I did, saving the work-in-progress (with a score of -30000 or so). When I restarted it I had disappeared from the score board, and when I did a wiggle I reappeared on the score board way down at the bottom.

Rav3n_pl Lv 1

Try restore very best. Maybe you lost connection and your client was not sent your best solution to server.

Close At Hand Lv 1

Yes, Restore Very Best worked. Unfortunately I had spent some hours working on a new fold of 500 before I discovered that :-)