DEVPREV;restore credit best restores wrong score

Started by Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park Lv 1


With the metrics sandbox puzzle, "restore credit best"restores the non-valid best score, not the score after applying metrics, whcih is more intuitive.

Furthermore, repeated resore best, restore credit best etc yield DIFFERENT scores after metrics are calculated.

I'd rate this as a bug.

Formula350 Lv 1

Yes, the Restore function is misbehaving in that specific puzzle due to –at least from what I've been able to discover– the fact that the Undo History is not storing the Score + Metrics. Which, unfortunately, the two scores can vary wildly due to the changes in the Metrics Bonus (since they're Graduated in that puzzle).

As for why they can be "different", despite restoring the "same" score, is because of DDG. Which due to how they calculate that, means it currently results in the DDG varying a little, even when the Pose hasn't changed. They're trying to figure out a better way to calculate it though.

If they stick with the "Static" Bonus scoring that they were planning to use, then the variance will not be as much of a problem. However, there will still be a "chance" of it, if they decide to still do things the same way it has been: not storing a Cached Metrics (like it does currently when we Run All to calculate them, then save our Pose using QuickSlots). As right now when we restore something or load a QuickSlot it re-calcs unnecessarily, and in turn the DDG can fluctuate (as I mentioned), so if you're right at the -40 value that is the Bonus cut-off, it could still mean the difference between Having or Not Having the +1000 Bonus. :\

Hopefully they'll be able to come up with another, less variable, calculation method!