"Create Account" error message ambiguous

Started by egon

egon Lv 1

When creating an account in game it displayed:
"Error creating account: Username or password incorrect."

This should be more specific. What do I have to do to get a user account.

At first moment I didn't know what was wrong:

Maybe my passwords didn't match?
Did my username already exist?
Do I have to create an account somewhere else?
Maybe my username contained some invalid characters?

I solved my problem by creating an account in "www.fold.it" portal and then logging in.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

I had similar problems.
Creating an account via the portal is more reliable than via the game's interface at the moment.

What keyboard do you use? English, German…

egon Lv 1

(Assuming you meant keyboard input language not the keyboard itself)
I think I used English (the other option it was Estonian) when I was registering. All letters I used were definitely in English alphabet.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

Yes, sorry, I've meant the keyboard inputlanguage, of course.

Well… so… special symbold can't be the reason.
But now, you can log into the game with this Name and password, which youare using here?

Do you have Windows 7?

egon Lv 1

Nope. I was running Windows XP.

Yes I can login with the same name and pass. Just had to register them in the portal.

Crashguard303 Lv 1

I encountered problems when logging in at the very first time, when I accidentally skipped the first loading.
Then my account weren't recognized.

But if you did nothing off all which was mentioned above, I hope, the game creators can say something about it.

I'll create a link from the thread "newbies and making them stick around" to here.

beta_helix Staff Lv 1

thank you reporting this bad bug!
I'm glad that you were able to register through the portal.
Our admin is working on fixing this troublesome bug.

We are expecting quite a few new users this week so this bug is a high priority.

Thank you for your patience!