Crash when changing wiggle power

Started by wisky

wisky Lv 1

I have now had at least 5 crashes (2 on 837, 3 on 838) when changing wiggle power from low to high (low powered wiggle, then high powered wiggle). It crashes immediately after starting the first wiggle on high power. It would hang for .25ish seconds before crashing, rendering no new additional frames (no point gains, no additional pulsing off of "show bondable atoms" or movement on H-bonds). I have not run into any problems with low to medium, medium to low, medium to high, high to low, or high to medium. After restarting the client, the first wiggle (and subsequent wiggles) on high power is fine.

Wiskers :) (meow)

wisky Lv 1

I had another crash today on hand fold, while using Steven Pletsch's "My GUI Script" on high wiggle power. It had been running for 5 minutes before I left my house. When I returned the client had crashed.

AsDawnBreaks Lv 1

I had this issue as well. Seemed to occur especially after I switched puzzles, but that may be because that's when I switched to a lower power.

Bruno Kestemont Lv 1

I ran Steven Pletsch's "My GUI Script" changing all options one after the other without problem on a powerful computer.
No problem also with the new "nc" version.

I do have crashes on wiggle with various options on a big protein (contest) on an old computer.

It seems the memory does not refresh. After about one hour CPU, it crashes whatever wiggle i was trying (High option ask for much more cpu and memory I thing). It as "windows" problem (asking to send the report to windows etc). Some times, it is clearly written that there is a problem of memory (trying to add virtual memory etc).

Nicobul2 reported that diminishing the window size helps saving about 40% cpu. It seems that gpu is highly solicitated by Foldit (may be then cache memory, or ram or whatever …).

mimi Lv 1

I am also getting random crashes when wiggling.
More often when on high power but will also happen on medium.
Only seems to happen on unminimised windows

gmn Lv 1

Crashes every time i switch from low or medium power wiggle to high. There's just no stopping it. :-P

gitwut Lv 1

I've had crashes on open as well as minimized clients. I don't know screen saver or energy efficiency settings have anything to do with it.

NickyCGS Staff Lv 1

Hey everyone sorry for the delayed response. This issue is being worked on and we discussed it at length during our meeting today.