Continuous crashing on Windows 10

Started by TomTaylor

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Switched from my desktop to laptop (both running Windows 10). Hadn't run foldit on the laptop for a few months. I've now crashed 9 times on my laptop. Twice I was not even working on a puzzle. I was posting a message to chat. The crashes occur within five minutes of starting foldit. Doesn't seem to matter what is happening. After half a dozen crashes and chatting in Veteran, I uninstalled and reinstalled a clean version of foldit. Did not use the old foldit folder, so no old puzzles or recipes. Still crashes.

Dell Inspiron 15z
Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit OS
Intel i7, 2.00GHz

My desktop is not having any problems with crashes. Both computers have the latest Windows 10 updates.

Message box error
Foldit.exe has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is

From log.txt
1: Ordinal21 +42281 bytes (no line)
2: alListeneriv +2924 bytes (no line)
3: BaseThreadInitThunk +36 bytes (no line)
4: RtlSetCurrentTransaction +212 bytes (no line)
5: RtlSetCurrentTransaction +159 bytes (no line)

From log.txt after clean install of foldit
1: alListeneriv +2897 bytes (no line)
2: BaseThreadInitThunk +36 bytes (no line)
3: RtlSetCurrentTransaction +212 bytes (no line)
4: RtlSetCurrentTransaction +159 bytes (no line)
IRC::run error, code = 5, desc = Remote connection closed
Exiting IRC::run

LociOiling Lv 1

See also RAH's forum post "Foldit keeps failing under Windows 10".

YGK posted an update to an old feedback with a similar issue. In YGK's case, as here, the traceback lists alListeneriv +2897 as the first entry. Reinstalling may have resolved that issue.

I haven't had any issues specific to Windows 10 after nearly a year, but plenty of regular crashes.

Some other random thoughts follow.

On current main, 20160502-30496ba116-win_x86, check that you have these directories:


These directories are pointed to by version-binary.txt, version-database.txt, and version-resources.txt.

I normally run multiple clients on a single machine, but each client runs in its own directory, so I have c:\foldit\foldit1 for one client, c:\foldit\foldit2 for the second, c:\foldit\foldit3 for the third, and so on. On Windows, you can simply copy and rename an existing Foldit installation folder to create a new one. (Don't expect the uninstaller to work if you do this, however.)

The only time a start a second client from a given folder is share a solution without interrupting a long-running recipe. This works because things like the current creditbest solution are saved as files with the extension .ir_solution.

I had bad experiences running multiple clients from a single directory back when I started, which is why I went with the multiple directory solution.

Foldit leaves a lot of .ir_solution and other files lying around. This one reason why periodically starting with a fresh install may be a good idea. I install to a new directory, then use to replace my existing directories. Be sure to save your options.txt and all.macro from the old setup, then copy them into the new clean install. (I also back up the old setup before cleaning house, just in case.) This type of cleaning means your old solutions (autosaves, quicksaves, creditbest, etc.) will no longer be available, so don't do it in the middle of playing a puzzle unless you've shared your work.

Some crashes may generate a debug.txt, and debug.txt may get uploaded automatically to Foldit central. Not all crashes generate a debug.txt, and I've never had any definite confirmation that debug.txt gets uploaded, but we can still hope.

Sometimes crashes may depend on settings. If you're using the selection interface, see if you still crash in the original interface. If you're using the advanced GUI, try turning it off for a bit. Switch to a basic coloring like "hydro" and a basic view like "cartoon" or "cartoon thin".

I'd also be suspicious of video drivers. Some manufacturers offer tools to check and update driver versions. I know there were some video driver issues when I upgraded to Win 10 last year, but they seemed to mostly sort themselves out.

One thing that's still an issue seems to be video mode. It seems like anything that changes the screen resolution may cause clients to crash or hang. On my Win 10 Pro, logging in as another user with clients running seems to cause this type of crash. I haven't got around to opening a feedback on it, however. Obviously most run-of-the-mill applications just keep going, although Windows does like to rearrange your desktop icons as part of the package.

jamiexq Lv 1

same here - just got new computer with windows 10 and cannot run foldit - keeps crashing
oh well, seems time to look for science game that has kept up with technology

jflat06 Staff Lv 1

Out of curiosity, do you have sound turned on? The alListener line corresponds to the sound library we use.

jamiexq Lv 1

So, I have changed 2 things. Don't know if they will make a difference. But I unchecked "Reduce network Bandwidth". Also, I got a pop up while running foldit saying windows needed me to sign in again - have not seen this before. Don't know if it is related or not. So I switched to a local account sign on, instead of windows sign on. Will see if I still get crashes after making these changes.

jamiexq Lv 1

Still crashing and crashes seem intermittent. Sometimes when I stop a script, sometimes when script is running, sometimes I am manually moving protein or using idealize or tweek

jamiexq Lv 1

from my log txt file
1: Ordinal28 +21689 bytes (no line)
2: alListeneriv +2924 bytes (no line)
3: BaseThreadInitThunk +36 bytes (no line)
4: RtlUnicodeStringToInteger +595 bytes (no line)
5: RtlUnicodeStringToInteger +542 bytes (no line)

jamiexq Lv 1

did a uninstall and new install
crashed upon running a recipe (Bridge cysteines)
here is log
Option file not found.
closing boinc…
Sending SOPs:

IRC::run error, code = 5, desc = Remote connection closed
Exiting IRC::run

jamiexq Lv 1

errors after re-install
1: alListeneriv +2897 bytes (no line)
2: BaseThreadInitThunk +36 bytes (no line)
3: RtlUnicodeStringToInteger +595 bytes (no line)
4: RtlUnicodeStringToInteger +542 bytes (no line)

too bad this is now unplayable for me - new laptop is about 20 faster, but foldit crashes every few minutes