Continue button displays incorrect puzzle

Started by tristanlbailey

tristanlbailey Lv 1

I believe there are others who have seen the same issue arise, but after checking the Feedback section, I don't think that this has been posted yet.

The problem lies with the "Continue in " button on the Main Menu, after starting up and logging into Foldit. It displays a puzzle which is generally valid in accordance with the puzzle list. However, it sometimes names a puzzle that the user of concern has not yet started. There have also been cases where people have accessed a puzzle that was NOT officially posted on the Science Puzzles list (perhaps an upcoming puzzle), causing it to load the puzzle with a scoring error at the top of the screen.

The problem is intermittent, and it is difficult to determine the cause or conditions related. Initially, I thought it might have something to do with opening multiple instances of the program, but the problem has since appeared with running initial instances as well.

There is a possibility that this occurs when the puzzle that the user was playing last has since expired, but the user has not started a new puzzle (or continued on another puzzle) since then.

mbinfield Lv 1

I've been having a similar issue. My "continue in" button has been showing the same expired puzzle for months now. I used to associate showing an incorrect puzzle with the program having crashing instead of shut down properly, but now it's stuck and doesn't change no matter how I close or open the program.

Not a big issue, but the button is designed as a timesaver, and I'd use it if it were working.

tamirh Lv 1

I've not been able to reproduce this yet. Has anyone else had the issue?

Could you try this? While all Foldit clients are closed, go to your options.txt file (where foldit.exe lives) search for a line that says "puzzle_dialog/puzzle" :

Just delete that entire line.

Now start up Foldit, go ino a puzzle, and exit cleanly. See if it keeps on happening after that.